What are Web Hosting and Domain name?

If you want to compare it to something, you can compare it to a warehouse. But, instead of storing clothes, household goods and objects, you store all your site files there. Usually, these are HTML files, CSS files, media files, documents and more.

When you purchase a web hosting space from a certain company, you actually rent a place where your site is physically located and where all internet surfers have access to. Just as if you were renting an apartment.

Beyond the area where your site is located, you also need an address. Every house has an address.
Therefore, you need to purchase a domain name as well so that surfers and search engines know how and where to find you.

Hosting and domain prices are tailored to each and every customer. The monthly storage cost of a small to medium site is usually $14 per month.

Regarding the domain name, it depends on the availability of the domain name. If the domain name is available it can cost around $13- $20 per year. If the domain name is not available, the prices vary according to the price determined by the domain owner. This is only if he is ready to sell the domain name.

We invite you to contact us, and we will do proper research for you and consider everything you need in order to establish the website you need.