We use and develop an open source learning management system used by millions of learning centers, organizations and businesses around the world.

This system is efficient, professional, profitable and makes the learning process easier and more convenient for millions of people in the various organizations that use it. In today’s world, online learning and online training has become one of the most effective learning methods.

The LMS system is very flexible and can also support the face-to-face learning and training process as well as 100% online learning and training.
It has more than 400 plugins that allow the system to expand and provide additional functions such as assignments, certification, social learning, quizzes, student’s and employee’s process tracking, and more.


How can we integrate our LMS system with businesses, organizations, schools, colleges or universities?

The LMS system provides organizational solutions for the management of course records, management of course schedules, classroom and group management, communication between employees or students in training settings, training resources, content resources, payment and registration, general course management and more.

The system is based on PHP and runs on all operating systems. The system can be hosted on a wide variety of hosting platforms.


Why is it important that we adapt the system for you?

Our LMS system is very broad and has various functions suitable for a wide range of organizations, learning centers and businesses with different needs.

The most important thing before setting up your system is to customize it to your organization’s needs. In order for you to get the best result from the system, we will determine the exact functionality you need. You will be amazed at how important the system will be for your organization and how it will become an integral part of your organization.

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