A website is a dynamic thing. If we want to compare it to something, it could be compared to a car. When you buy a car, you can drive it immediately. The engine works, the wheels are attached, the steering wheel is in place, and the seats are comfortable. But will it stay in the same condition forever? Definitely not! The car must undergo regular maintenance, repairs and more to get you safely from A to B.

It is the same for a website. A website must be constantly updated in order to get the best results and use the latest technologies. It is important to remember that the world wide web bears dangers such as hackers, and it is of utmost importance to always keep the site safe.

So the main requirements for a website are to be fast, safe and regularly be backed up.

You are welcome to check out the packages we offer for site maintenance. We will provide you with a detailed monthly report on all your site activity and performance as part of our maintenance work on your site, depending on the maintenance package you have decided to purchase.



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General Support

We are always available to our customers. We recommend purchasing a site maintenance package according to your needs so that your site is taken care of 24/7.

If you are not interested in purchasing the site maintenance package, you are welcome to hire us to carry out maintenance work for you, update content and products, and much more. For questions, you are always welcome to contact us.



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